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We hold beekeeping classes in January/February and May/June every year.

Learning how to light a smoker

Why Winter? Because it's the perfect time to prepare for the coming beekeeping season. Our Winter classes last all day and give a beginning beekeeper the information needed to start up in the spring.

Classes in May and June are hands on classes at our apiary for beginning beekeepers.  If you have a hive now or just want some more experience before you take the plunge, this class might be good for you.

Winter one day classes will be held at the Jane Addams Hull House Museum in Chicago from 10 AM to 3PM. Lunch is potluck. Students will get further details after they sign up.

The classes in May and June will be held at our apiary at Rancho Verde, the headquarters of Christy Webber Landscaping. Students will get practical experience inspecting a beehive including lighting a smoker, inspection techniques and tips, what to look for during an inspection and more. 
This class is recommended for people who have taken a lecture class and want some practical experience, for those who would like to keep bees but want to get a feel for what it is like and for beekeepers who want to brush up on techniques.
Class time is from 10 AM to 3PM with a potluck lunch. Weather conditions are a big factor and your class may be cancelled due to rain or cold. In that case, you can join a later class. We have also reserved July 26 as a rain date. We will send an email to students with more details about a week before the class.
July 26 class open for registration.


Swarm Control for Beekeepers will run from 10 AM to approximately 1 PM at Jane Addams Hull House Museum and will cover hive conditions that encourage swarms, swarm preparation indicators, reasons and methods to prevent swarms, reasons to encourage swarming, how to inspect a hive for swarm behavior, catching swarms and decoy hives and swarm traps. Cost is $40.00 (Check back for future swarm class dates).


Candle Making with Beeswax

Join a beekeeper from Chicago Honey Co-op in this candle making class specifically dedicated to Beeswax Candles. Learn the ins and outs of making candles with this unique renewable resource.  Find out how honeybees make wax, how beekeepers collect it and refine it, what equipment is used and then learn how to properly heat wax and actually pour beeswax candles.

Class will last approximately from 1PM to 4PM. Participants will get hands on experience and will be able to take home the candle(s) they make.

Maximum of 8 people per class. We will add more classes if needed.

Cost $50.00 with snacks and mead.

Check back for candle making class dates.



The book we recommend for our classes - Honeybees and Beekeeping, A Year in the life of an Apiary by Keith Delaplane is available belowThe book costs $20.00 plus $3.00 shipping and handling. 









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