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Have a Honey Bee Swarm?


If you see a honey bee swarm or have found a colony on your property, first you need to make sure they are actually honey bees. You may have yellow jacket wasps instead.

Yellow Jacket waspHoney Bee

 Honey bee swarms are not aggressive. They are actually clustered together until they find a new home. You can read more about swarms in our blog At The Bee Farm and in this post on Treehugger

Below are beekeepers in Chicago who will remove honey bee swarms.

Jeff Leider will remove swarms from Chicago/North Shore, Cook County, Lake County, Dupage County. 773-481-5881

Beekeepers from North Park Village Nature Center will take swarms on the North Side of Chicago.   312-744-5472 

Andrea Bolks  952-215-4699

Greg Lane does swarm removal and colony removal from structures, primarily from the South Side of the city and the southern suburbs. Contact: online(at)walkerwood (dot) net, or call 773 five62 eightynine20.

William Pilipauskas will catch swarms in Lake and McHenry Counties and will also remove bees from buildings.  847-373-9148

Mollie Edgar will remove swarms on the Northwest side of Chicago.  312-720-1860

David Martin will capture swaarms in Northwest Chicago and near Northwest suburbs 773-736-0738


If you find that you have a wasp nest, here is some good information about how to deal with it. Image from Purdue University Plant and Pest Laboratory